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Friday, July 17, 2009

Bomb tragedy at JW MARRIOT hotel

Grieving a moment to bombs tragedies victims at JW MARRIOT hotels.
Insident very is striking indonesian that is want to bloom to improve economy.
But side from republic of indonesia police then will struggle to look for who bomb executant.
And we always pray to victims.
And we also pray so that the executant can at catch and at law appropriate what he do.
Peace always for indonesia

Monday, July 13, 2009

Can successful (sukses untuk bisnis)

Can successful....

You are a that like business
Certain it you have team work that must solid.
So that your business can successful follow tips this
Tips first
- you work considerably glad
If you are leader team considerably like can evoke positive character in team you.
Tips second
- can be model by team you
Because your deed many or at least at will imitate by team you later and will keep a promise you are if you having promise with team you
Tips third
- deed that can motivating
If you lead by that very good, because you can see condition team you and give little touch make team you
Tips fourth
- don't emotion if face team
Because very fatal if at do by you

Such tips if you want to be a leader that can at respect by team you

ypu can try this link

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My heart in this time

My heart in this time

Today very tire....
But very fun also....
Last morning i saw event that make person cries...
Because the house happens fire, Very sadden....
And i am few cry therefore....
I am glad because tommorow day precisely date 8 julies 2009 indonesias democracies parties that is republic of indonesia presidents' elections and pray good tommorow days can peaces
Peace greetings and independent for indonesia

Fast manner can money via internet

Fast manner can money via internet

Many people who look for efforts opportunities pass internets
Because more and more people who understand about internets
And what you are one who first or one who latest understand about internet
Don't want to lag about it
Let us learning few about internet
A lot of around you are internet tenancy place
Free your time is for rest and plays at internet tenancy
Wanting ask certain there exit
Don't worry to ask and don't ever shy for that
At internet a lot of offers that make you are quick parts about internet
The example:
Learning english swiftly
Learning internet swiftly and easy
And most beneficial can money from internet
Don't worry and don't work fast late, Quicker understands
Come on do

Monday, July 6, 2009

5 steps can money from internet

Wanting can money from internet...???
Wanting can addition money from internet....????
But how to....????
There are some its way....
First step you must do.
If you have unique hobby go on works
Second step
Making your work interestings may be
Step to three
Many website that offered your work later
Step to four
Multiply your work
And step fifth or last
Enjoying money result whom you accept